Sunday, April 20, 2014

Movie Review --- Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We really liked the latest episode of the Avengers - this one starring Captain America and the Black Widow primarily, but introducing a new character, the Falcon!
This one picks up with Captain America finding his way in the 21st century, and acting with a team from SHIELD, and partnered with the Black Widow, who spends much of the film trying to "fix" him up with a date so that he will really start to enjoy his new life. Her witty banter is really the comedy needed to balance the action.
Not to give too much away, there's a snake in SHIELD and the Captain spends most of the movie trying to figure out who it is.  The Winter Soldier works for that person, and has a connection to Captain America.  You'll have to see the movie to figure that out.
I like that there's not TOO much action like so many movies have, so much that you really don't get to know the characters.  There's a cameo from Stan Lee, watch for that.  And don't leave right away during the credits - there's a preview in the middle!
I give it 4 Stars!

Baby chicks!

We have new baby chicks - 15 heavy breed brown egg layers.  I don't exactly know what breed they are yet, will probably have to wait until they feather out some to see their markings, but they are awfully cute!
The new chicken coop is about 3/4ths finished, just needs electricity before we can move them down there.  John should be getting back to that project soon, meanwhile they're quite happy in their tub and should be fine there for a couple more weeks.

Easter 2014

We had a wonderful Easter at my brother's home, with plenty of family and friends attending.  As usual, lots of good food and sweets!

 Time for the egg hunt!

 Yes, we had confetti eggs....

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, wherever you were!

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 11

Mother Nature threw us a nasty curve last week, with two nights of frost.  It got down to about 30 degrees for both nights.  John and I did our best to cover those plants that we could, and for the most part it worked well.  I made the mistake of using some landscape cloth to cover a few of the tomato cages, and lesson learned - it doesn't block the cold.  Plastic worked very well, and hay worked well too.  I lost 4 tomatoes -- but I've already replaced them, so on we go.  No use crying over it (as John keeps telling me.) Sigh.....

Here's how the garden looked for two days in a row.  The hay worked great over these squash, I didn't lose any of them.
Tarps over the herb gardens, and these worked great too.
Pots of every type over the pepper plants - most of them were fine, although a few leaves were frost burned.
The red pear tomato has a few little tomatoes on it!
This is the volunteer black cherry in the greenhouse - a few little tomatoes on it too! See the dark shoulders on these little guys? This plant is about 5 foot tall already.
The peas are about to burst out in bloom -- pretty little purple flowers coming.

The climbing Blaze rose is just bursting out everywhere!  So pretty.

The saddest thing is the sight of our beautiful Tangerine Cross-vine plants - they really got burned by the frost so bad.  The plants will come back but the dying flowers just look awful.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A lesson in fear....

I dare you to watch this and not laugh out loud and also cry a little....a real lesson in not letting fear keep you from trying new things. It's a little long, but definitely worth it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Drat!!! Freeze expected tonight.

Well we just spent two hours in the late afternoon covering all the little tender sprouts out in the field and wrapping the tomato plants, covering the peppers and moving all of the things in pots back into the greenhouse.  I'm tired!  This is Texas, God....what are you thinking!!!?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 10

 John helped me get the Bean Haus going last week -- we planted just four types of pole beans (Kentucky Wonder, Blue Lake, Turkey Craw and King of the Garden Limas.)  There also a few Jack-Be-Little pumpkins in there.
Today you can see the beans have all started germinating and popping up!
Here are the Atomic Red carrots - they will need to be thinned out soon.  The chickens like it when I thin out the beds!

 The peas are about 2 foot tall now, they've grabbed the fencing now.  They usually get about 6 foot tall, so if we could just get some rain and lightning -- that would help.
 The walking onions are bulbing out at the top --- they will start walking pretty soon!
 Just starting to see the zucchini!
 All of the tomatoes have about tripled in size - I've had to prune them recently.
All of our rose bushes are starting to bloom - The top left picture and the middle picture are the Blaze climbing roses that I put in last year.  Pretty bright red fully open old fashioned roses.  The bottom left is the Lemoncella, and the right is the butterfly rose.  It's my favorite - one bush has at least four different colors of roses on it.

Tomorrow or Tuesday our baby chicks arrive!  Looking forward to seeing our new babies -- I'll post a picture as soon as they get here.