Saturday, February 6, 2016

Puzzle! Give it a try!

Here's a little time waster!

What I'm Reading -- Black Sheep

Several months ago I broke down and got an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.  It made good sense to pay that low monthly fee and get to read as many books as I want each month.  There was plenty of titles listed in their unlimited area for me, and I'm enjoying it very much.

I just finished a book by Georgette Heyer from 1966, Black Sheep.  Yes, it's an older one, but still so much fun to read.  Reading a regency romance, I think we all know how its going to end, but it is absolutely amusing to get there.  I love the true formality of how people used to live -- no first names for these people! Sometimes its a real puzzle to try to understand exactly what they are saying! Here's an example:
"So she was able to greet him, when he descended upon her in the Pump Room, with calm friendliness; and when he presently detached her from her circle, inviting her with his customary lack of finesse, to take a stroll about the Room, in the accepted manner of those who made the Promenade their daily business, she was perfectly willing to walk off with him."
All of that (in one sentence!) to say they were taking a walk.  Ha!

Twenty eight year old Abigail Wendover is past her prime (?!!) and considered an old maid, meets Miles Calverleigh, who has just returned after many years of banishment to India.  Her 17 year old niece is planning to marry his philandering nephew, so they put their heads together to break up this totally inappropriate plan.  Much confusion ensues, and it's all tied up at the end in a nice little bow.  Very satisfying!

I highly recommend -- and I'm going to be looking for another Georgette Heyer to read in the future.

What are you reading? I need recommendations!

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Stairs!

I've been meaning to post a picture of our newly finished stairs!  KT was here with us one day this week and the first thing she noticed when she walked in were the stairs!

"Mimi, did you get new steps?" she asked.

"Yes, Uncle JR and Aunt Ashley surprised us with these when we got back from our trip to Florida!" I replied.

So much better, don't you think?! Thanks so much, JR & Ashley!

Movie Review --- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

I know zombies are not for everyone, so I was totally prepared to go to this movie by myself.  I offered to do that, but John said he'd go with me.  So if he starts complaining to you in the near future that I "dragged" him to this movie, you'll know the truth.

He actually thought it "had its moments." I thought it was pretty good! I listened to this book years ago on audio book, so I remembered most of the story.  They did try to follow the bones of the
original story (the Jane Austen one) but with the added adventure of dealing with a zombie invasion of England.

Whatever you do, don't walk into this movie late.  The narrator, Mr. Bennett, played by Charles Dance (yes!! Tywin Lannister!!!) tells us all the background story of what has happened to their country with "pop up" cardboard illustrations.  Well done!  Really....well done!  And of course, the French get all the blame. ha ha ha!!!

Then the action begins, following the original book. There's the uptight, prideful Mr. Darcy, his easily led friend, Mr. Bingley, and his nemesis, Mr. Wickham. I really do love the original story, and zombies just makes it that much better.
Stay until the credits run, at least for a couple of minutes....there's a "tease" for a follow up.  It probably won't be made, but a girl can hope, right?!

Winter Garden Notes, February 4, 2016

We have little sprouts! Here are the ruby red onions.....
and a few of the tomatoes have sprouted.

Meanwhile the greenhouse tomatoes continue to ripen.  I took this photo the other day and these have all turned red now.
I've been busy starting more trays of seedlings.  So far I've planted:

And despite promising John that I wouldn't over-do it this year on the tomatoes, I wanted to try these free seeds that I got from Totally Tomatoes with my order this year.  Gialio de Summer.  We'll see how they do.

All of the fruit trees have been pruned and we are planning to spray them early next week.  I'll be pruning the few rose bushes then, too.  We had some really nice warm days last week, so I'm hoping these trees don't get confused and start budding too soon!

Thankfully the groundhog has predicted an early spring for us this year, right?!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Exciting news!!!

I can finally talk about it! JR and Ashley are pregnant and are having a little boy!!

 Due date late June.  John and I are beside ourselves excited about it!  KT and Joss need some competition, and a new baby to play with. And this will add to the number of cousins to run around at our family gatherings!
Looking forward to having another baby to spoil love!

A Birthday Week Whirlwind!

All of the Koenig girls had a birthday this past week....their birth dates are all exactly two days apart.  No formal parties this year, but we did get together for a family dinner out and a cake celebration at their home afterwards.
First was Colleen, on the 27th!
Colleen and Jeff at Two Step Cantina

Then KT turned 6 on the 29th!
Time to blow out the candles!

And finally Joss was 2 on the 31st!
Give her a box of crayons and a color book and she's happy!

We had a great dinner at Two Step Cantina, complete with a huge Minnie Mouse balloon and light up necklaces!  Then cake at their home afterwards.  It was a very happy evening with some wonderful surprises. More to come on that later.......

Here's a few more pictures from the evening.
 A truly beautiful cake!
Let's bounce on dad!
 Joss shared her Minnie Mouse stickers with her big sister
 A huge 6 balloon!
A huge box of play-dough of every color imaginable!