Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Movie Review --- The Martian

First, you have to know that I went to see this movie reluctantly, and only because John really, really wanted to see it.  He hardly EVER asks to really see a movie, and mostly goes because he knows that I love anything sci-fi or fantasy, so when he asked me to go, I could not say no.

I personally wouldn't give Matt Damon, the star of the movie, five cents, much less the price of a ticket. What a crapster this guy is. (Can you tell I just don't like him?) It's too bad he starred in this movie, because it was FANTASTIC.  It was probably one of the best movies I've seen in 2015.  It pains me to say it.  Really.

Based on a novel by Andy Weir, the story is about a team of astronauts on a mission on Mars.  During a bad storm, one of the team members is swept away and assumed dead, while the rest of the team abandon their mission because their ship was in danger of being damaged.  They are on their way back to Earth when they find out he's still alive.

The character, Mark Watney, is the real focus of the movie, though, and he carries much of the action.  He's the botanist on the team, and he just happens to be the one with the skills needed to address his immediate needs, food - air - water. He's not a quitter.  He's a problem solver, and that is what keeps him alive (oh, and the fact that the team has left a LOT of materials on the planet that he would need.)  And he's pretty funny, talking to his video log throughout all of his trials.  My favorite line - "I'm going to have to science the sh*t out of this." There's the perfect balance of action, drama and comedy.  So well done.

You will love this movie.  I guarantee it.  Go see it, and don't think about the fact that Matt Damon is getting some of the $$$ from this film.  Think of it as rewarding Andy Weir for writing such an excellent tale, and Ridley Scott for directing.

PS: Oh, and THIS would have made the movie even better.  Too bad they didn't ask Chris first.
(Source: Nerdist.com)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

#Fall Photo Challenge - October 2, 2015

First signs of Halloween 2015! Not sure if it's wise to go up there. Since we have two granddaughters, we do decorate for all of the holidays.  These came from one of my favorite sources for inexpensive, fun decor - The Dollar Store.  I just cut these police tapes into pieces and put up with double sided tape.  The girls just loved it, although Joss is still a little confused by all of this silliness.

#Fall Photo Challenge - October 1, 2015

First pumpkin baking of the season - pumpkin spice buttermilk cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing. #FallPhotoChallenge  This was made with a Porcelain Doll pumpkin that I had back in 2013 and had frozen.  It was a deep, almost neon orange colored pulp. Not a strong pumpkin taste, but still good and moist, more like a spice cake.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Garden Notes, September 30, 2015

We're starting the fall garden over again.  Before we left for our vacation, the rabbits had mowed down the green beans and most of the tiny plants that I had put in. Arghhh!!!  So, we just decided to wait until we got back to re-boot.
The pepper plants are all still going strong

First thing John did when we got back was to fence in the entire bed for me.  Hooray!!  I have a door and everything on it.  Over the next few days I'll be planting a few things!
Today the garlic went in.  Can't wait to taste that first roasted garlic.  I'll cover these with a layer of hay in a while, before it gets cold for sure.
 California White garlic
Five rows, in the ground!

Movie Review --- Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

This is uncharted territory for us since John and I only read the first book in this series - The Maze Runner.  We actually listened to the book on one of our road trips several years ago and hadn't picked up the 2nd book yet, so, it was interesting to see how they moved the story along after the boys (and one girl) had escaped the glade.
The Scorch Trials was action packed from start to finish, although I felt they slowed down just enough to introduce the new characters to help us know and care what happens to the new people in this movie.
I'm still in the dark as to what happened to the world to cause all the desert, the ruined cities, and the (zombies?) chasing the kids all over the place.  I'm hoping that the third movie will clear this all up for us, cause I'm in the dark.
I liked it, and will definitely go see the third movie based on The Death Cure when it comes out.

#Fall Photo Challenge - September 30

A pile of leaves - from the Burr Oak outside the back door.  There are sooooo many of these leaves. #Sigh  #FallPhotoChallenge

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The horrible, bad, no good, very bad evening....

that I discovered I had lost my phone.  Not just any phone, but my newish, cutting-edge, "I was so excited to get it" iPhone 6.
I don't remember doing it, but I must have put it on the hood of the car when we were visiting a historical site in Wyoming, and when we drove off it fell off the car.  I didn't miss it until later that evening, so it was dark already.  John and John H. even drove over there to see if I had left it on a rock while I was sitting there, but they didn't see anything.
My John drove back over in the morning when it was light, and he found it on the road right outside of there. Here's what it looked like....it had been crushed, probably several times. Good grief!
Thankfully, when we drove to the Verizon store in Sheridan, I discovered that I had indeed purchased insurance on my phone (thank you, God!!) so by the time we got home, the new phone was waiting for me.  I'm back in business now, but I can tell you, cell phone addiction is a REAL thing.  I didn't realize how often I got that thing out to use if for photos, Instagram, or whatever.
I may need therapy.